Galaxy Payment Systems perceives its responsibility and is focused on ensuring the security of its clients and others with which it might have dealings every once in a while. Thusly, the accompanying standards are gone ahead as a benchmark for all associations with Galaxy:


Personal Information

For the most part, “Individual Information” signifies any data about a recognizable individual and data which can be sensibly used to distinguish a person. This Privacy Policy sets out the assortment, use, and exposure of Personal Information through our sites and our different programming and related administrations (the “Product Services”).


Software Services are by and large utilized by individual self enlisted purchasers, site visitors who may not be enrolled on the administrations; people enlisted on Galaxy Payment System’s entryways by clients of the software benefits and incorporated accomplices utilizing Galaxy Payment Systems programming administrations on their foundation. Individual clients paying little mind to enlisted status, and strategy for reconciliation will be alluded to as “end client, guest, and client” with the end goal of the security strategy.


This Privacy Policy doesn’t administer outsiders or Personal Information that is gathered, utilized, or uncovered by any outsiders, including incorporated Software Services accomplices.


We obtain the above-mentioned categories of Personal Information from the following sources:


·        From our customers or their agents, either directly or indirectly.

·        From activity on our websites, both directly and indirectly ( For example, information gathered automatically from website usage. Furthermore, like many businesses, we use “cookies,” which are small text files that a website can use to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s ongoing access to and use of the site, and track usage behavior, such as the WebPages you visit.

·        From social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest

·        From third parties as even if it appears that you have not left our Site, we may receive information from third parties that assist us in providing certain transactions and services (e.g., payment processing, cloud hosting).


Sharing Personal Information

While we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we might have to uncover Personal Information when required or allowed by law. Specifically, we might uncover Personal Information to fulfill any appropriate law, guideline, legitimate interaction or administrative solicitation; implement our agreements or client understanding, including examination of potential infringement concerning this; and additionally distinguish, forestall, or in any case address misrepresentation, security or specialized issues.

Where sensible, we will speedily furnish clients with notice of any potential divulgence so they can go to suitable defensive lengths.


We disclose your Personal Information to the following categories of third parties for business purposes:


·        Our associates;

·        Strategic business partners who provide goods, services, and promotions that complement our offerings;

·        Service providers and other third parties we use to support our business, including without limitation those performing core services (such as credit card processing, customer support services, customer relationship management, accounting, auditing, processing insurance claims, administering surveys, advertising and marketing, analytics, email and mailing services, data storage, and security) related to the operation of our business and/or the Services, the processing of an order, the processing of an order, the processing of an order, the processing of an order, the processing of an order, the processing of an order



End User Information Collection

Galaxy Payment Systems is the sole caretaker of the Personal Information, portrayed underneath, that is gathered on the visible portion of Data procured is restricted to just data needed to offer types of assistance to end clients and depending on the situation to help administration utilization. Data from our end clients is gathered at the accompanying focuses on our site. Applicable regional privacy laws are reviewed and added to this policy.

1.  Galaxy Payment Systems perceives client assumptions for the dependable use and insurance of data.

2. Safeguarding trust is a fundamental belief of Galaxy Payment Systems.

3. Dependable utilization of data gives advantages to all gatherings.

4. Galaxy Payment Systems has methodology intended to keep up with precise and complete data.

5. Galaxy Payment Systems will react to solicitations to address data without really wasting any time.

6. Galaxy Payment Systems will assist with securing its clients against criminal utilization of their data.

7. Galaxy Payment Systems has methodology to forestall unapproved admittance to client data.

8. Galaxy Payment Systems won’t impart data to non-subsidiary outsiders for advertising purposes.


In light of these standards, this arrangement fills in as a norm for all representatives and different insiders of Galaxy Payment Systems for the assortment, use, maintenance, and security of all client data.


Confidentiality and Security

Galaxy Payment Systems is focused on the security of its clients’ data. All outsiders related with Galaxy Payment Systems’ functional and information handling frameworks are in a solid climate that ensures the client’s record data. All such outsiders should consent to an arrangement with Galaxy Payment Systems that they consent to not uncover or utilize any such data but to complete the reasons for which Galaxy Payment Systems has given such data or as in any case allowed by any laws by which Galaxy Payment Systems might be bound.

Access by Galaxy Payment Systems to client data is restricted to those with a business motivation to know such data. Representatives will be prepared with respect to the significance of keeping up with the classification of client data and on this arrangement. As a result of the significance of these issues, all Galaxy Payment Systems representatives and different insiders are answerable for keeping up with the classification of client data and gatherings who disregard this arrangement will be dependent upon disciplinary measures.

Contact Information

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