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Debit Card

Payment Processing

Debit card transactions have become overwhelmingly popular in the past few years. There are two types of debit transactions, PIN (online) and signature (offline). Both deduct funds from the consumer’s checking account. It is beneficial for businesses that see customers in person to accept both debit types. With PIN debit, the customer selects “Debit” as the payment method and then after the card is swiped must enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) into an encrypted pin pad at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal to authenticate their identity. The transaction is transmitted through the electronic funds transfer network and the funds are deducted from the consumer’s checking account within seconds.

Mail and Telephone Order Sales (MOTO)

The fastest-growing segment of credit card use today is in “card-not-present” transactions in which a customer makes his or her purchase by mail order or telephone order (MOTO), by facsimile, or via the Internet instead of being physically present at the merchant’s location. If you want to process credit cards for Internet, telephone, or mail order transactions, you’ll need a special merchant account specifically designed for that purpose. GALAXY PAYMENT SYSTEMS can help you easily establish such a merchant account and the entire process will take just minutes of your time and you’ll be up and running in a matter of days. Accept credit cards anywhere, anytime with a wireless merchant account. Whether you have a service business that works at your customer’s location or if you take your retail business on the road, wireless processing is an easy and cost-effective way to accept credit cards wherever your customers happen to be. Galaxy Payment Systems can provide you with a complete wireless authorization system that gives you efficient, cost-effective credit card and debit card processing wherever you are, whenever you need it. We work in partnership with the nation’s leading wireless service providers to design a system that’s perfect for you and your business.

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